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Radmin Activation

Please note that only Radmin Server 3 requires activation after the 30-day trial period. Radmin Viewer 3 is free of charge and doesn't require activation. If you do not activate the server software, you will be prevented from using it after 30 days. To perform activation you need to go through the activation process. After purchasing a license you will get your personal serial number. Use it to activate Radmin Server 3.

License key for Radmin 3 is valid for any Radmin 3.x versions.

How does product activation work?

Radmin Server 3.x is licensed for use on a certain number of computers. Product activation technology controls the number of installations. It works by verifying that a license key has not been used on more computers than was intended by the product's license.

After purchasing a license you will get your license key. You have to enter it when following the activation process. The program generates a hardware identification key which is sent to the activation server. No personally identifying data is included or required. Minor changes to the configuration of your system will not require reactivation. If you overhaul your computer by replacing a substantial number of hardware components, it may appear to be a different PC, and in that case you may have to reactivate Radmin Server 3.x.

How do I activate Radmin Server 3?

Product activation process requires Internet connection and can be performed either from the Server or the Viewer machine. Please choose one of the ways to activate Radmin according to your network settings:

A. I want to activate Radmin from Radmin Server machine, it has Internet access

B. I want to activate Radmin from my Radmin Viewer machine, one of the machines has Internet access

C. I want to activate Radmin from Radmin Server machine, there is no Internet access (manual activation)

D. I want to activate Radmin from Radmin Viewer machine, there is no Internet access to either of my machines (manual activation)

How do I activate Radmin Server 3.x within a large network?

Use Radmin Activation Server tool to activate Radmin Server 3 within the large network.

What happens if I get a new computer and want to install Radmin Server 3.x on it?

If you reinstall Windows, replace your HDD, or make other minor hardware changes to your computer, you can reactivate your software simply by entering your existing License Key (read Radmin 3 Hardware Change Tolerance Criteria for details).

NOTE: If you replace your motherboard or your entire computer regularly, you need to contact us using this form, so we can renew your License Key for the number of activations needed.

Can I enter multiple license keys?

Yes, you can enter several license keys separated by ";" sign without spaces. Activation server will check them all. If Radmin Server has been previously activated on this computer using one of these keys, it will be reactivated. If it is a new Radmin Server installation, the activation server will select the license key with unused activations.

We hope that solves the problem. If not, please contact us, and we'll do our best to help.
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